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My name is Emma – a passionate photographer, memory capturer and bubbly individual who just loves to work with people. My photography career rose following graduation from Norwich University of the Arts with a first class honours in BA Photography, however, capturing moments through photos has been a hobby of mine for a long time.

EKG Photos is a self-made photography business aiming to highlight family memories, important milestones and special occasions. My photography does not end with families, couples, newborns or even corporate events, as I have a special adoration for dance. This stems from a childhood full of dance and performing so it is a delight to match this love with my profession. Dance photography allows me to capture the art of movement as well as expand my own creativity. Not to mention building profiles for the most talented dancers in Suffolk!

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Photoshoots are highly client-led as I endeavour to be flexible and adaptable to every individual’s needs. I guarantee a comfortable photography experience with my relaxed personality and I even offer refreshments (maybe even a biscuit or two!).

So please join me in my comfy studio or on location and I’ll snap away to create your magical memories.

Which of my services are of interest to you?

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon.



The EKG Photos studio is a perfect space to capture any moment. It has a comfortable, warm atmosphere yet is filled with white light to create a beautifully clean aesthetic. The studio is based in Ipswich, Suffolk (IP4) and I strive to make you feel welcome from your first step inside.

I provide a variety of props and accessories for a cohesive shoot. The simplistic vibe also creates for natural, bright dance photography, allowing the dancers and the shapes they produce to be the main focus.

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